HttpMaster Pro 3.9.6
HttpMaster Pro 3.9.6 | 4.5 Mb

A useful application for the web developers who need to automate the web applications testing by requesting multiple resources from a specified website It's only natural for professional web developers to need advanced testing tools for their applications, whether we are talking about a website or a web-based application. With a feature-rich feature set, HttpMaster Professional Edition aims to meet the requirements of many as far as application testing is concerned.
Constraint Theory: Multidimensional Mathematical Model Management (2nd Edition)
Constraint Theory: Multidimensional Mathematical Model Management (2nd Edition) by George J. Friedman, Phan Phan
English | 2017 | ISBN: 3319547917 | 220 Pages | PDF | 14.6 MB

Packed with new material and research, this second edition of George Friedman's bestselling Constraint Theory remains an invaluable reference for all engineers, mathematicians, and managers concerned with modeling.
IMSPost 8.3 Suite
IMSPost 8.3 Suite | 329.2 mb

IMS Software has released an updated to IMSpost 8.3 incorporating many new features and capabilities. IMSpost, the world's most advanced postprocessing software, transforms CAD/CAM cutter location (CL) files into the specific machine (G/M) codes required by NC machines.
Nuclear Reactor Design
Nuclear Reactor Design By Yoshiaki Oka
English | EPUB | 2014 | 337 Pages | ISBN : 4431548971 | 7.5 MB

This book focuses on core design and methods for design and analysis. It is based on advances made in nuclear power utilization and computational methods over the past 40 years, covering core design of boiling water reactors and pressurized water reactors, as well as fast reactors and high-temperature gas-cooled reactors. The objectives of this book are to help graduate and advanced undergraduate students to understand core design and analysis, and to serve as a background reference for engineers actively working in light water reactors. Methodologies for core design and analysis, together with physical descriptions, are emphasized. The book also covers coupled thermal hydraulic core calculations, plant dynamics, and safety analysis, allowing readers to understand core design in relation to plant control and safety.
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